About Us

Our Mission

Independent Identity (II), a non-profit organization, is an Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Day Program center for adults with autism and intellectual and developmental disabilities in Austin, TX.

Our mission is to promote vocational, social, leisure, and independent living skills for our clients while decreasing inhibiting challenging behaviors.

Our vision is a community where adults with autism live, work, and play side by side with and at the same level as typically developing adults. A world where people with autism are happy, respected, and satisfied with their lives.

Geoffrey: Our Inspiration

II Founder and Executive Director Jenna Taylor's passion for working with teenagers and adults with autism began in high school when she was involved in a class called "Peer Buddy". There she met her friend - and our inspiration - Geoffrey Zaragoza.

Geoffrey, a lanky adolescent with a baseball cap on his head, looks back at the camera, smiling broadly. He stands in a high mountain desert landscape with mountains rising up in the distance.

Board of Directors